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Monsta Clothing Company Terms and Conditions

In using this website (monstaclothing.com) you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

By clicking the “Terms and Conditions” box, the buyer agrees that the venue of any litigation initiated by either seller or buyer will be held in Columbia County, State of Florida.
By clicking the “Terms and Conditions” box, you as the customer, are also verifying that you have full authority to make credit card purchases with your supplied credit card information. Please make sure that you, and only you, are validating all billing and security codes for this credit card being used. By clicking this box “Terms and Conditions”, you release Monsta Clothing Company of all legal action in the case that this order comes back as a fraudulent transaction. The person whos name is on this card and account credit card number and PIN have been given for this transaction, will be 100% responsible for payment of this transaction to their respected credit card merchant. So this means that if you enter in your credit card information, have all requested verification for authorized used by our credit card merchant “Authorized.net”, and accept these terms, you are verifying that you are indeed the responsible party to which the credit card belongs and are declining any attempt to reject this purchase for any reason once “Terms and Conditions” box has been checked. All credit card merchants that represent the card holder will need to bill, you as the customer, for the full charges related to this order and note that Monsta Clothing is not responsible for any fraudulent acts taken on this credit card in you.

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