The Top Ranked Fitness Apparel Brands of 2017

The Top Ranked Fitness Apparel Brands of 2017

Over the last several years, the fitness industry has only grown more and more popular.
In fact, as of 2016, the number of Americans engaging in sports or other forms of physical exercise has grown by .5%, a number we're certain will only continue to increase.
Fitness has now become so popular, even new trends are beginning to crop up. One specific trend which has spread like wildfire is athleisure.
Put simply, athleisure is essentially just wearing your favorite gym clothes in settings where they would typically not be worn. The office is a good example.
Notice a lot more leggings lately? You can thank the athleisure trend. In this post, we'll discuss some of the hottest fitness apparel brands of 2017. Read on!

Fitness Apparel For All

Outdoor Voices

Founded in 2014, Outdoor Voices is an aesthetically and technically designed brand above all else.
With a focus on eye-friendly designs in luxe fabrics unlike many other athletically-inspired clothing lines (read: They don't sell your average mesh t-shirt), Outdoor Voices steps outside of the box.
The brand takes a unique approach, simply emphasizing the idea of "Doing Things", regardless of whether they're inherently sports or exercise based. Taking your dog for a walk or run around the block?
You're still Doing Things. And Doing Things is highly encouraged.


The Los Angeles designed and manufactured brand Vimmia launched in 2012.
Vimmia's focus also lies in their fabrics and unique designs. In fact, the brand has even patented some of them!
Some of their products also feature advanced technical properties such as thermoregulation, the ability to wick away moisture and to provide improved oxygenation to muscles.

Til You Collapse

Til You Collapse (or TYC, as they refer to themselves on their website) is a family-owned brand. Launched just four years ago, the husband and wife team of Brian and Kelley (and their four children) were inspired to start the company from their own success with their fitness journey.
While still a very young, new brand, the pair's enthusiasm for their brand and its products is obvious. It's also quite infectious.

Gym Shark

With a loyal following of over 3 million people from 131 different countries, the UK-based brand Gym Shark focuses on sleek fitness apparel and accessories. Though they are based in the UK, their brand has a global presence.
Among their core values are family, progression, and vision. Now, who can argue with that?!

For Women

If you're looking for some assistance in the women's fitness apparel department, head on over to our website and check out our "News" section. We've got you covered with tips on not one, but 5 basic types of gym wear for women. We'll get you sorted in no time.
While you're here, though, here's some information on a few of our favorite fitness apparel brands for women.


ADay was founded by two different women from two very different countries. Founders Meg and Nina were born in Beijing, China, and Frankfurt, Germany, respectively.
The pair both have professional backgrounds in fitness and sports, which has surely played an important role in the company's outlook.
In addition to their fitness background, the ADay team also has a background in fashion. Coming from brands such as J. Crew, Everlane, and Opening Ceremony, it's no wonder why their sense of style is so strong.

For Men

EYSOM Mens Wear

EYSOM is an acronym for Exercise Your State of Mind. EYSOM is another LA-based brand which is currently crushing it in the men's fitness apparel game. Just take a look at their eye-catching Instagram!
They've been featured in many different publications as well. Men's Health, Esquire, and The Huffington Post are just a few examples. Count us in.


Perhaps when you think about fitness apparel, Uniqlo isn't the first brand to come to mind. However, the brand has very recently started selling a new line devoted to all things fitness. Since the company has quite a history in using unique fabrics, it's no surprise that their fitness line is just as interesting (if not more) than all of their other products.


BrandBlack does more than just fitness apparel. You'll also see sneakers on their website - and quite visually striking pairs, at that. The price point of their products isn't one to gawk at, either.
Their manifesto reads that life should lead design, and people should precede products. We'll get behind that, too!


The relatively newly-launched (in 2013), Connecticut-based men's fitness apparel brand Rhone was inspired by the river in Europe of the same name. The brand prides itself on supplying the modern man with his fitness apparel essentials, and also features some new and exciting technical elements such as GoldFusion.
Are you feeling intrigued yet? Allow us to fill you in. The GoldFusion technology Rhone has created utilizes a gold particle - allowing for protection of color, faster drying time, and even odor control.

Ten Thousand

Take one look at the Ten Thousand webpage, and you'll see that the brand's commitment to fitness is serious. Each section of their website is dedicated to a specific type of fitness, making it easy for viewers to navigate and find exactly what they're looking for with minimal effort.
Another area where Ten Thousand meets minimalism is in the design of their fitness apparel. While each item only comes in a few colorways and you're unlikely to find any obviously branded items, it works - as Ten Thousand focuses most on three specific things: Performance, Function, and You.
Ever removed the lining from a pair of shorts? Ten Thousand has you covered. You can buy many of their products with optional features. Liners or not, there's bound to be something for your daily grind.

Still Searching for the Right Fitness Apparel?

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