The Tech Behind the Skins: The Top 10 Compression Clothing Benefits

The Tech Behind the Skins: The Top 10 Compression Clothing Benefits

What if a quick addition to your wardrobe could help make your body healthier than ever?

Chances are you've already seen compression clothing in stores and wondered, "why would I want to buy this?" As it turns out, there are a ton of compression clothing benefits.

From losing weight to bulking up, there are so many things compression clothing can help with. Keep reading to learn about our top ten!

1. Muscle Recovery

Many athletes wear compression clothing to help their performance during a game. But did you know these clothes offer great benefits after the game as well?

This is because tighter clothing promotes extra blood flow throughout the body. This increased circulation helps your muscles to recover more quickly from any strenuous exercises.

As a further benefit, this clothing can help to eliminate the buildup of lactic acid in your body. This buildup is behind most muscle soreness, and eliminating it can eliminate the pain you often associate with the time after a workout or a game.

2. Muscle Fatigue

The good news is that compression clothing benefits in terms of muscle soreness can also help with muscle fatigue. Even during a game or a workout, this clothing can help address the problems of fatigue.

You'd be surprised at just how much better your workouts will be when you are not experiencing as much muscle fatigue. Whatever your chosen activity, it lets you do everything longer and stronger than you could do it before.

And like we said before, this is a one/two punch. You'll get a better workout experience and then be less sore afterward!

3. Prevent Strains

For athletes, bodybuilders, and runners alike, one thing is the worst: muscle sprains. All it takes is a single strain to force you into recovery mode.

At the most basic level, sprains occur when you exert a muscle a little too much. Compression clothing helps apply enough extra pressure to your muscles to reduce the chance of a strain occurring.

And should a sprain still manage to occur, things like arm compression sleeves can help with sprain recovery!

4. Run Faster

Ever notice how compression clothing is very popular among basketball players? One reason for this is that it helps people run faster.

One basic reason for this is that the tighter compression clothing actually reduces your friction while you run. And if you're mixing in other activities such as jumping (more on this later), this clothing can help you sustain those activities longer.

Whether you're rocking the basketball court or going for a run around the neighborhood, compression clothing can help out.

5. Maximum Effort

Every fitness fan understands that the heart of a good workout routine is effort. It comes down to whether you feel comfortable when you are running or exerting yourself or if you feel absolutely miserable.

One way of thinking about compression clothing benefits is this: it makes your workout more effortless. That is, in addition to the physical benefits that we have already detailed, there are psychological benefits in that you "feel" better while working out.

Just imagine if the things that usually make you feel breathless and winded left you feeling energized and ready for more. That's the power of compression clothing.

6. Higher Oxygen Levels

Wondering about the science behind compression clothing? It actually all comes down to your oxygen levels.

Your body uses oxygen during workouts and other strenuous activity. The better the oxygen flow, the better your activity.

Compression clothing is designed to increase blood flow to areas like your lungs and your heart. And this is the key to a better workout.

7. Better Jumping

Jumping may or may not be a part of your regular workouts. But for athletes such as basketball players, this is a crucial part of their regular activities.

For jumpers, one big problem is regaining power. If you're jumping as part of a workout, it may take a long time to regain maximum jumping power.

Compression clothing can make that a thing of the past. By wearing this during your routines and afterward, you can regain power more quickly. Use this to work out longer or go out and get your game on!

8. Comfortable Exercise

Some people hold off on compression clothing because they think the tight clothing will be really uncomfortable. But would you believe it will be the comfiest exercise clothing you ever own?

The design of the clothes cuts down on wind resistance and chafing. And they keep all the parts of your body firmly in place so that you are like a streamlined machine.

Comfort is good in and of itself, but keep this in mind: the comfier you are, the better your workout!

9. Better Bodybuilding

We've focused a lot on how compression clothing benefits those engaging in cardiovascular activities. But it can also help you out if you're a bodybuilder!

This is because one compression pants benefit is that it helps with strength recovery after you've been lifting weights. This is a complete game-changer for your resistance training, and you'll be amazed to see how compression clothing boosts your workout.

For maximum comfort, check out this compression underwear!

10. Better Groin support

One of the great things about compression clothing is that there are many different kinds. For instance, one kind of clothing is specially designed to help with groin support.

For instance, there are compression shorts with cup pockets built into them to offer addition groin support. If you play a sport or simply have a workout routine where you need additional protection, compression clothing offers protection that won't hinder your performance.

Compression Clothing Benefits: The Bottom Line

Now you know some of our very favorite compression clothing benefits. But do you know who else can help you to really enhance your workout?

Here at Monsta Clothing, we are devoted to selling the kind of clothes that help you to bring out your inner animal. No matter what your workout, we're here to make it better!

If you're ready to get started, come check out our latest clothing today!

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