The Best Workout Tank Tops of 2017

The Best Workout Tank Tops of 2017

Just because we are sliding into Fall doesn't mean the end of the workout season. On the contrary, there is no workout "season." Getting your body into the best shape you can is a fulltime, all year affair.
You could take the shifting of the seasons though to shift your wardrobe. Are you still working out in the same shirt you used to lift in in college? That thing can probably stand up on its own by now!
Let's take a look at some of the hottest new workout clothes around. Here are the best workout tank tops.

The Basics

It used to be that when you went to pick up a new tanktop, it took maybe all of thirty seconds. That's because there was one style and one color. The choices today are near infinite.
Colors, patterns, materials, areas for your arm that reach down to your waist, arms holes that are more..."conventional," tanks that look like they were ripped away from t-shirts, and tanks with allegedly funny sayings on them.
There are a lot of choices to sort through, we've done the bulk of that sorting. What you need to do though is not take our word (completely). The best workout tank tops are the ones that you feel the most comfortable and confident in.

The Dash by Fourlaps

Fourlaps is a relatively new clothing company but if this tank is any indication, they just may be your go-to workout clothier for years to come. Let's start with the material.
The tank is made from a mesh that is reminiscent of a basketball jersey. Not those ones you used to put over your gym clothes to play two on two basketball in fifth grade either. No, this has an NBA level feel to it.
The mesh is tight, but it still breathes. That weave also enables the shirt to fit somewhat tight on you but not in the way that makes it look like you the wrong size.
As an extra bonus, it has been made with "anti-odor technology." That feature alone will rank it high on the list of best workout tank tops.

The Tuvala Stretch by Vuori

It's not that the Dash is not comfortable, it's just that the Tuvala feel like you are putting on a cloud. Its' material is all-natural, breathable, and soft.
The tank does run tight which is great for workouts. It also has some superior stretching capabilities so it can provide you coverage. Coverage, comfort, and anti-odor capabilities make this a great shirt for any number of activities at the gym.

The Mesh-Back Flyway by Victoria's Secret

Yes, you read that right, the Victoria's Secret. In their efforts to diversify and draw in non-traditional customers, they offer a line of workout clothes.
Skeptics may have visions of scantily clad women jogging down the street but these are legitimate outfits that rank as some of the best workout tank tops around.
The Mesh-Back Flyaway comes in bright colors and has, as the name implies, a back made of mesh. Underneath the mesh overlay is a second tank that combines some "modesty coverage."
This tank not only looks great but it's modestly priced and built to handle all of the rigors of a sweaty day at the gym

The Bryce Tank by Fabeltics

You know those cute coverups you can get to go over your swimsuit at the beach? Have you often complained and wondered "Why can't they make those for the other parts of life?" The Bryce Tank is the answer to that question.
This is a full-length tank that offers comfort and coverage. This tank is perfect for anyone who likes to work out minimalistically, clothing-wise, but isn't comfortable with the exposure that comes with it. The Bryce Tank is made with a large hole, mesh netting which is open enough to breathe but still provide you with a level of coverage.

Van Cortlandt Singlet - Tracksmith

When you put this on, you'll be in danger of becoming that guy at the track who hums the Chariots of Fire theme song while he runs. If the world of running had a throwback jersey day, this is what they would wear.
Its sleek cut and simple, bold diagonal stripe were inspired by the uniforms of the Cornell track and field teams of the 19th century. That inspiration has been matched with only the finest modern methods of clothing creation with the result being a lightweight, impeccably breathable design that looks as good as it feels.

The Race Mesh Tank Top from Soar Running

This is a shirt that runs the old adage "There is more to it than meets the eye." When you look at The Race mesh, the things that make this one of the best workout tank tops are the features that you can't really see.
"Woven" into the fabric is an antibacterial ingredient that helps keep gym germs at bay and cuts down on any unseemly odors.
The seams are bonded. Anyone who's ever had to cut a workout short because their shirt was rubbing against their skin causing a major irritation will appreciate the gentle feel of these seams.
Reflective materials have been subtly incorporated into the tank so you can do your workout at not and be visible but not glowing. Those are some pretty nice benefits and we haven't even gotten to the shirt yet.
It comes long and loose so it won't inhibit your movements. The cut of the tank though is such that the shirt won't look like you grabbed your older brother's workout bag.

Dri-FIT Cool Breeze Strappy Tank from Nike

Nike's entry into the best workout tank tops for the year is this lightweight, plain colored tank for women. It's simple yet that's what makes it work. The tank is longer, to provide a little more coverage and confidence.
The Dri-Fit Cool Breeze Strappy has a scoop neck to give you a more natural, non-restrictive fit. It's also got a little style in the design so you won't feel awkward wearing it on non-gyms days too.

Finding the Best Workout Tank Tops for You

Just like there is a workout suited for your body type, there is a workout tank that's perfect for you too. We just looked at some of the best workout tank tops around but these are by no means the only ones you should choose from.
There are many options for workout tanks, and we can help you find the perfect one. We've got a great selection for men and women. Come take a look.
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