The 5 Most Basic Types of Gym Wear for Women

The 5 Most Basic Types of Gym Wear for Women

Whether you are a workout fanatic or just getting started, having the right gym wear is essential for maximizing your exercise routine.
There are tons of options out there for gym wear for women, but sometimes simple is the best approach.
If you want to start hitting the gym without all the bells and whistles, go back to basics. Here is a list of the gym clothes that you can't be without.

A Great Pair of Shoes

Start at the bottom and invest some money in protecting your feet.
Running or working out with athletic shoes which are worn out can actually cause harm: they can negatively affect your posture, alignment and arches.
Choose a style of shoe appropriate for your chosen sport: shoes are made differently depending on whether you are a runner, a Zumba aficionado, or into CrossFit.
Depending on how frequently you work out, you also need to replace your shoes often. If you work out 4-5 days per week, it is advisable to get a new pair of sneakers every 3-4 months.
The cost of high-quality athletic footwear is definitely worth the pain and injuries you risk by wearing old outdated shoes during your workouts.

A Sports Bra With Appropriate Support

One of the most important pieces of gym wear for women is the bra.
Women should choose a sports bra suited to their physical type and their preferred form of exercise.
If you have a large chest and like high impact exercise like running, you need undergarments with a lot of support. Several brands make bras especially for large breasted women so you have a variety of styles at different price points to choose from. Even women with smaller chests should take care in finding a sports bra which will give proper support for athletic activities.
A bra with sufficient support will enable you to push yourself in your chosen sport without the discomfort and embarrassment of too much bouncing. There are so many fashionable choices available, you may decide not to hide your underwear under clothes at all!

The Right Pair of Socks

It might be tempting to grab a pair of your boyfriend's socks out of the laundry and rush off to the gym, but choosing the right pair of socks for your individual workout can be just as important as the right pair of shoes.
Some socks provide extra cushioning, which is a must if you are a runner or engage in other high impact routines. Socks can provide important protection against common ailments like blisters and plantar fasciitis.
Surprisingly, cotton is not always the best choice for athletic socks. It tends to absorb moisture, which can be a problem if your feet get extra sweaty.
Socks made of acrylic or synthetic fibers may be better at wicking moisture away from the skin, preventing blisters and stinky feet!
Some fitness trends like Pilates and barre classes require that participants wear socks only. Socks for these classes have sticky bottoms (or "grippers") to prevent you from slipping on the hard wood floors.
If you like yoga, toeless socks are a nice way to keep your little piggies warm while allowing for the flexibility and balance you get with bare feet.

The Perfect Pair of Leggings

Many women have that one pair of leggings that makes her feel good about working out. When we are wearing them we feel confident and able to go the distance.
The perfect pair of leggings needs to cover you up. Because leggings can wear out in places like your backside and crotch area, make sure you try them on before you buy and wear them to the gym.
You will want a high-quality fabric which will stay opaque after lots of washings.
Great leggings offer compression: they will hold in those body parts which might get jiggly from time to time. They will also dry quickly. Check out materials which will keep sweat away from your body through quick drying technology.
There are fun styles of leggings available in every conceivable color, pattern and fashion: one new trend features see-through panels on the leg.
You can't go wrong with a simple pair of black leggings, especially if you are just starting out. Black, as we know, hides a "multitude of sins" as my mother used to say.
You can also throw on a tunic or dress over black leggings and look nice enough to go out to dinner! Gym wear for women can perform many functions.

Tops for Working Out in All Weather

Like leggings, the right top is important for your physical and mental comfort when working out.
It's certainly uncomfortable to be running in sopping wet clothes. Staying in sweaty clothes for too long can also lead to chaffing, acne, and a weakened immune system.
There are many high tech fabrics available which will help wick moisture away from your skin while you sweat. In addition to finding tops which will keep you dry,  you should choose tanks and T shirts which make you feel good about your body.
Women are sometimes self-conscious about their arms, so until your workouts give you biceps you can be proud of, you may want to cover your arms in long or mid length sleeves.
A current style of tank tops includes a less fitted body, with material that flows around the torso. Women who do not want to showcase their stomachs may prefer this looser style of top.
Also, consider the weather in your area.
Gym wear for women needs to accommodate both choice of exercise and location: Outdoor Boot Camp classes on the beach will require different clothing from what you would wear for snow shoeing or cross country skiing.
Layers are an important way to, again, keep sweat off your body while protecting you from the elements.

Rock Your Way to Fitness with These Gym Wear for Women!

Like in business, clothes make the man... or woman. Outfit yourself in a fun and functional outfit which will make you excited to go work out.
Gym wear for women which enhances your personal style, comfort level and sport of preference can make all the difference in complementing your exercise regimen for maximum results.
If you need help choosing gym wear that suits your needs, get in touch!
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