Men's Bodybuilding Clothes: 10 Must-Haves For Your Workout

Men's Bodybuilding Clothes: 10 Must-Haves For Your Workout

When it comes to working out, the right clothes can really make a difference to your motivation levels. 

Just putting on your gym clothes helps you get into the right frame of mind. And, opting for the best men's workout clothes will even make your workout more effective too. This is due to a mental change we undergo when we wear the appropriate clothes for a certain task, called 'enclothed cognition'. 

So, whether you're a bodybuilding beginner or you've been lifting for years, the right exercise gear will ensure you have a great workout every time. 

Here are 10 must-have men's bodybuilding clothes you need in your life.  

1. Racerback Top

The best gym clothes for men inspire you to go hard and heavy. And nothing will motivate you better than this courage under fire racerback with 'this means WAR' emblazoned across the front. 

Not to mention, the racerback design does a great job of showing off the impressive back definition you've worked hard for. 

2. Long Sleeve Shirt

Of course, before you get lifting, it's important to ensure your muscles are ready for the work you're about to put them through. And this is especially true first thing in the morning when your body temperature is lower than later in the day. 

This Poly-Dri long sleeve shirt, which comes in seven different colors, is ideal for wearing while you're warming up. Poly-Dri is an artificial polyester fiber which draws moisture away from your body and prevents odors from sticking to it. As such, this fabric is a great choice for the best gym clothes. 

3. Workout Shorts 

Joggers are fine for days when you're focusing on your upper body, but workout shorts are the best option for leg day. With shorts on, you'll be able to watch your calves pop and your quads grow, enhancing that mind-muscle connection. 

Shorts are also a wise choice if your gym is one of those that has the heating on full blast throughout the winter. They're also better if you plan on incorporating some HIIT cardio into your workout. And, thanks to the Poly-Dri fabric, you won't end up overheating or drenched in sweat. 

4. Pullover Hoodie

A comfortable pullover hoodie is another essential for your gym kit.

A hoodie makes for a warm and casual cover-up while you're on your way to the gym. And, pulling on another layer after your workout is also important to preserve muscle heat. This helps you avoid cooling down too quickly and could even play a role in avoiding injury. 

5. Poly-Dri Racerback

Feel the pump but not the sweat in this Poly-Dri racerback.

This top is ideal for days when you're working on sculpting your upper body. That's because the racerback cut allows for a full range of movement for chest, back and shoulder exercises. And, the Poly-Dri fabric means your skin will stay dry no matter how hard you go in. 

6. Classic Joggers

These classic joggers, available in grey, blue, black, khaki green and red, are another must when it comes to men's workout clothes. 

To save time when you're on a tight workout schedule before work, pull these comfy joggers on over your shorts before you brave the cold in the morning. Or, if you favor an evening workout, pull these on after a workout to avoid cooling down too fast. 

These joggers also look great paired with a racerback top for days when you're focusing on your upper body. 

7. Plain Workout Tank Top

As well as a few slogan shirts and racerback tops, it's a great idea to have a few plain tank tops for a simple yet effective gym look. 

This black trim tank top, which is available in khaki green, red and blue, makes for an ideal gym staple.  

In fact, it's worth having one or two of these stashed in your gym bag in case you forget to pack your kit the night before. 

8. Sleeveless Shirt

Looking for a way to keep people from bothering you while you're going in heavy on the lat pull-downs? 

The back of this 'Relentless Monsta' sleeveless shirt is bound to make them think twice about interrupting your concentration to ask how many sets you've got left. 

Being sleeveless, this shirt covers your torso but gives you the freedom to move your arms without restriction. And, it's made from Poly-Dri fabric, so it helps to keep moisture away from your skin while you're working up a sweat. 

9. Zipper Hoodie

zipper hoodie is another great cover-up for wearing to and from the gym in the winter. After all, you're not about to let a little cold weather keep you from your workout. 

The zipper front allows for easy access so you can put it on and take it off quickly. And, if either you or your gym haven't warmed up yet on a frosty morning, you can wear it zipped or unzipped during your warm up. Then, it's just a case of stripping it off once you're ready to get lifting. 

10. Graphic T-Shirt

Tank tops and racerbacks are great for upper body days. But, for those days when you're focusing on growing 'quads of gods', maybe it's time to give the other guys a chance and put your guns away. 

And, as it means you can show off a cool graphic t-shirt, even better. This MonstaMan t-shirt is a great choice, with the muscle symbol available in blue, grey, red, yellow. But, our favorite has to be the stars and stripes USA design. 

Rock the Best Men's Bodybuilding Clothes

The best men's bodybuilding clothes ensure optimum comfort while also being practical to wear throughout the range of movements you plan to perform. 

Here at Monsta Clothing, you'll find the perfect gym clothes to inspire your inner animal to lift heavier and work harder. 

And, don't forget to check out the latest men's workout clothes to ensure you always look and feel great when you hit the weights. 

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