How to Choose the Right Sports Bra for Your Workout

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra for Your Workout

A great workout can put a strain on many parts of your body. Your breasts are no exception.
Strenuous exercise without proper support can actually strain your Cooper's ligaments. These are the connective tissues responsible for preventing sagging. Choosing the right sports bra for your body and your workout regimen is key.
Here are four elements to look at in finding the right kind of sports bra for you.

1. Proper Support is Critical

Every woman's body is different. However, every body, whether large-breasted or not, requires support to prevent excessive bouncing during exercise.
Flattening the breasts may not be enough.
While many sports bras use compression to hold the breasts in place, often these tight "uniboob" fashions do not prevent all movement during vigorous workouts.
Many women find that bras with encapsulated cups are superior in supporting breasts, whether you're running or doing yoga. These styles offer more support. Plus, they reduce the strain on the ligaments -- which keep boobs perky.
This style of undergarment is also more customized. It allows you to find the kind of bra which works best for your body. Where the compression-type garments usually come in Small, Medium and Large sizes, bras with encapsulated cups have real bra sizes.

2. A Sports Bra Needs to Keep You Dry

Instead of cotton, select a sports bra for your workout made from material specially engineered to keep moisture away from the body. In addition to support, you need a bra with sufficient ventilation to wick the sweat away.
Some bras have mesh-type panels. These are great for cooling you off and keeping you from getting too sweaty.
Anything that keeps you from getting too stinky at the gym will certainly be appreciated by your workout partners.
Wicking fabric also serves a hygienic purpose. Clothing made from fabrics which keep moisture away from skin. They also help to prevent the build up of bacteria.

3. How Bouncy is Your Preferred Exercise?

Depending on how you choose to work up a sweat, you may need different kinds of undergarments.
As discussed above, vigorous sports like running cause the breasts to bounce up and down. This kind of activity will eventually loosen the ligaments underneath breasts, causing sagging.
If you plan on training for a marathon, you want to choose a bra designed especially for this high-impact sport.
Lower impact workouts like weight lifting, yogam and Pilates may require a less structured bra.

4. Select Garments That Boost Your Confidence

When you work out, you don't want to be self-conscious about your chest. You want to feel strong and confident.
There are so many sports bras to choose from which can improve your self-esteem. Select one from a range of bright colors or with a bold logo.
The psychological lift can be just as important as the right diet and training!

A Great Bra Will Enhance Your Workout

If you are feeling dry, supported and sexy, you are sure to kick your workout up a notch.
Give yourself the extra advantage by investing in a sports bra that encourages you to be the best you can be. Check out some examples on our website to ensure you get the perfect fit.
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