How Do Muscle Shirts Boost Your Confidence?

How Do Muscle Shirts Boost Your Confidence?

What you wear to the gym can tell others a lot about what kind of athlete you are.
If you show up in a $100 outfit made of dry fit fabric, you are saying that you spend a lot on your gym look.
But are you also that you put in the time? Muscle shirts make it clear who is active, and who is standing around, by revealing the proof of your efforts immediately.
Plus, they can make you feel as amazing as you look.

Boost Your Confidence With Your Clothing

The gym can be a very competitive environment.
Although everyone says they are just there to work out and not worried about other people, we all know people are looking around.
They are evaluating your outfit and passing judgments. There isn't anything else to do.
It's kind of like being on the subway and attempting not to make eye contact with anyone. You glance around and catch someone's eye accidentally. They know you were looking at them, but you both look away instantly to respect the privacy of the other person, even though you are in a public space.
The gym is the same way. People will be looking.
Knowing that people will be assessing you at the gym, you can plan your plan your outfit accordingly. Keep reading to find out more about the muscle shirt, and the ways it can boost your confidence in the gym.

The History of Muscle Shirts

Traditionally, sleeveless shirts have been worn to play many athletic activities including:
  • Gymnastics
  • Basketball
  • Track and Field
Once considered an undershirt, these titans of tees gained appreciation as an outer garment in the 1980s.
A big push behind the movement was the start of gym culture brought on by the confines of the forty hour work week. As more people were headed into the office every day, they had less time to exercise at home. The gym in the workplace became a standard for many American businesses at that time.
The shirts originated in the 1800s, when gymnasts would wear them to maximize their flexibility through the freeing design pattern.
The swimwear at that time also featured a sleeveless design that would stay at the height of fashion well into the 1940s.
The sleeveless shirt gained its machismo image through its use in Italy as an economically modest clothing option for warm weather. Men with few shirts had to space out when they would wear their good clothes. Places like church and work usually were the most important.
This left tank tops for leisure days, a step better than walking around bare-chested.

The Tank Top's Reception in America

In Italy, the shirt was worn out of necessity. It was imported to America along with the arrival of Italian immigrants. Unfortunately, when the Italians first came to the United States, they didn't have very good reputations.
People would see the muscle shirt as a "guido" look and threw the term "wife-beater" into the lexicon of the English language. The stereotype was of someone poor and rough-around-the-edges.
The term was coined in 1947, when James Hartford Jr. was arrested for beating his wife to death.
An image was shown all of the time in the press featuring Hartford in what is now known as the "wife beater".

Muscle Shirts Show Off Your Arms

The most wonderful part about wearing a sleeveless shirt is that it will allow you to show off all of those arm muscles you have been working so hard for. You dedicate so much time to the gym, and you deserve to be recognized.
It is not easy to stay motivated all of the time to get to the gym. But wearing a tank top can make you look sexy. In countries like Brazil and Spain, this kind of top is seen as the best way to show off your "guns".

Muscle Shirts Give You Positive Attention

Everyone knows that wearing a tank top with spaghetti arms is unattractive. Unfortunately, most people's arms are less than spectacular. It is a fact most people are aware of but -- do very little about.
It is hard to dedicate a lot of time to shaping your muscles, especially as most of your exercise routine consists of typing away at the keyboard. Seeing someone who is wearing a sleeveless shirt points them out as a dedicated exerciser.
The body confidence to wear this kind of top doesn't come overnight. Instead, it is built through the sweat of hundreds of gym sessions.
These shirts are also really great for women because they are seen as conservative. They are a great option to wear to the gym and stay cool while you are working out, while simultaneously feeling comfortable in your skin.

Muscle Shirts are Their Own Accomplishment

When you have gotten to a point with your body confidence where you feel like wearing this style of shirt is acceptable, then you know that you've made it.
Many people wait until they reach certain numbers on the scale to wear certain items of clothing. They want to be sure that they won't be ridiculed by the appraising glances of other gym goers.
When you walk into the gym in your new tank top for the first time, you will feel yourself glow with pride. Having worked hard to get to the place where you can wear anything, you will be on top of the world.
Wearing a muscle shirt is its own accomplishment. It is a right of passage that only the fittest can enter.

Muscle Shirts Tell Others You are Confident with Your Body

When you wear a tank to the gym you send a message of confidence to everyone who sees you.
If you are ready to take on the challenge of sleeveless wear, or if you have another style in mind, visit Monsta Clothing today.
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