Gym Wear for Men: 6 Workout Outfit Ideas You Need

Gym Wear for Men: 6 Workout Outfit Ideas You Need

Hitting the gym in style is not always easy.
The perfect gym wear for men is designed to focus on the muscle groups you work, while still being versatile enough to wear on multiple training days. You need the right combination of patterns and colors, too.
The right gear can also depend on if you'll have time to change, or if you're heading to the gym straight from work or from a day with friends.
This may sound like a lot to think about, but we can make it easier.
Here are some workout outfit ideas you can use for the whole week - rest day not included.

1. Chest

Our go-to chest item is a good tank.
Tanks expose the upper chest, which usually gets the most focus when training. It can help you tune into your mind to muscle connection.
A racerback is the best way to go. It fits comfortably and offers breathability. However, if you've got the guns to fill it out, a stringer tank might be more your style.
Pair it with shorts or sweats, and you're good to go.

2. Back

Back day doesn't always have to mean a tank top.
You can work out just as well in a signature t-shirt. Just make sure it fits snug -- but not too tight. This will allow you full range of motion. T-shirts are one of the simplest things to pair with an outfit. They pretty much go with anything!

3. Legs

Hit your squats in style with a pair of Signature Monsta shorts.
These feel like sweats, but expose your quads and calves to the ultimate workout. Go as low as you need on the leg press, and hit deadlifts with no problem.
Pair these with a hoodie for the ultimate sweat session. Remember, no leg day is complete without a weightlifting belt.

4. Arms

There's really nothing like a good bis and tris pump!
Enjoy every curl and pull with a racerback or tank or sleeveless shirt. These are a must for arms, because you'll be able to see every vein come out as the pump gets real.
Throw on your favorite sweatpants or compression shorts, and get to work.

5. Shoulder

Shoulders need some good exposure, too.
Work this muscle in a racerback or stringer tank. Exposing your shoulders let's you see just how good of a pump you're getting, and may even focus you enough to hit a new PR.
If you don't want to wear another tank, go for a tight shirt. The tighter the better. You'll have more muscle visibility and control over your movements.

6. Abs and Cardio

Whether you love or hate cardio, you still have to do it - might as well do it in style.
This is the ultimate day for comfort. Enjoy an indoor workout at the gym in your favorite sweatpants, and knock it out. If you're pushing your limits in the great outdoors, you may want to go with shorts and a tank top instead.
Don't forget a beanie to keep the sweat under control.

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There is no reason you shouldn't be making gains in style. Our gym wear for men will make you look and feel better than ever before.
Use the outfit tips above to guide you as you shop our full range here.
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