Clothes for Bodybuilders: 10 Style Tips for Muscular Men

Clothes for Bodybuilders: 10 Style Tips for Muscular Men

Finding the right clothes for your body is an important part of feeling confident. You've worked hard to achieve the physique that you have, so why not show it off in clothes that look great?

Having a lot of muscles can make clothes shopping a bit tricky. Where do you start? How do you find the best fit?

If you don't know where to start, check out these tips. They're certain to give you an extra edge in choosing clothes for bodybuilders that always help you look your best.

1. Go Neutral

Because you're rocking sculpted muscles from long hours in the gym, you don't need flashy colors to make a statement. Your body makes the statement for you.

Instead, going with neutral colors would be a much better choice. You don't have to choose only blacks and whites, desaturated colors work well too.

Try a dusky blue shirt and dark jeans for a sophisticated look. Or a white shirt with slacks for something business casual. Even without vibrant colors, there are hundreds of color combinations in bodybuilder clothing.

2. Find the Perfect Fit

As a muscular guy, you might feel as though going for the bigger sizes would be better. More often than not, however, the size is too big, resulting in a baggy style that doesn't show off all the hard work you've put into yourself.

Don't be afraid to wear something like a bodybuilder shirt that fits you nice and snug. Of course, going too far into the opposite extreme can make you look as though you're about to burst out of your clothes.

As far as sizing goes, take the extra time to find that Goldilocks fitting. Not too big, but not too small.

3. Minimal Layers

Layers work well during the winter, keeping you warm in the cool weather. But layers don't work quite as well for muscular guys. It introduces a sense of "bulk" that you don't need thanks to your healthy physique.

When aiming to look your best, either skip layers altogether or choose thing layers instead.

4. Tailoring is Necessary

Sometimes finding the perfect fit isn't possible, especially in everyday run-of-the-mill clothing stores. A lot of the time, bodybuilder clothing needs tailoring to look its best.

The great thing about tailoring is that it can help in more ways than amplifying your style. It can also have interesting effects on your social and work life.

Plus, tailoring can be a huge help when you gain even more through your workouts and don't feel like getting a whole new wardrobe.

5. Use Stripes to Your Advantage

Most of the time, going for printed bodybuilder clothes isn't the best choice. On the other hand, stripes can sometimes be your friend.

Stripes have the unique advantage of tricking the eye into thinking something is wider or longer than it actually is. For example, if you want to appear taller, vertical stripes can help achieve this illusion.

Adding in a couple of stripped clothes to your wardrobe can be an asset for any stylish guy.

6. Ignore the "Skinny" Options

You may be fit and healthy, but as a muscular guy, you can't quite call yourself "skinny" anymore. Those muscles you've worked so hard for bring on a bulk of their own that make skinny clothes for muscular guys a bad choice.

When buying your next set of clothes, skip over these particular styles. They'll end up being far more trouble than they're worth.

7. Brand Loyalty Makes Things Easier

Although there is a generalized standard, most clothing brands differ in one way or another against each other.

Once you find a particular brand that you enjoy, stick with it. It will make finding good fitting clothing a whole lot easier for you in the long run. Instead of spending a lot of time trying on different clothes to find the right fit, you'll already know your size with this one brand.

Branching out is good, but having one brand to fall back on can be a major relief.

8. Pay Attention to Your Shoulders

When going to a store to find yourself a new bodybuilder shirt or something similar, make sure the shoulders are well-fitted.

The shoulders are an important part of any shirt, and if the cloth is bunching up or stretching, it can ruin the entire look you're going for. Once you have the shoulder size figured out, getting the rest to fit right is a breeze.

9. Style Around a Base of Well-Fitted Clothing

It's always nice to have a large selection of clothing you can fall back on. However, it's always a good idea to have a base set of clothes that you can style the rest of your wardrobe around.

This set should be some of your favorite pieces and they should all have a perfect fit for your body. From this base set, you can accessorize and add to your style while knowing that you have a good base to start from.

10. Skip the Heavy Textures

When picking out your clothes, try to steer clear of any heavy textures. This includes things like knitting, crocheting, thick cloth, or anything with a busy pattern.

All of these will sit on your muscular form in a strange way. They will hide the contours of your muscles and instead will make your body appear bulky and shapeless.

Instead, choose men's bodybuilding clothes that won't hide away your hard work and accomplishments. You don't need those kinds of patterns to take command of a room, after all.

These Tips Work Best With Clothes for Bodybuilders

Finding a style that works can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life. Not only will you feel better and more confident, you'll also look great in the process. Once you have some help, clothes for bodybuilders aren't all that difficult to mix and match into your personal style.

With these tips in your fashion arsenal, you'll have no troubles finding the style that works best for you.

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