7 Ideas for Women's Fitness Clothing

7 Ideas for Women's Fitness Clothing

Exercise can be a bit of a catch-22: the less you do it, the less you want to do it.
However, scientists say you need two and a half hours of aerobic exercise a week in order to stay in good health. If you have to do it, you might as well be comfortable.
Take a look at some women's fitness clothing ideas and start building up your own wardrobe.

1. Don't Wear 100% Cotton...Ever...

Wearing a cotton t-shirt you find on the top of the laundry pile may be a convenient clothing choice, but it is certainly not an ideal one. Cotton clothing traps and holds moisture, making the shirt heavy and potentially causing irritation.
Find the women's fitness clothing which features moisture wicking technology; meaning it will push moisture away from your body.

2. ...This Includes Underwear

Most underwear is made of cotton too. Not only can this be bad for the above reasons, but cotton promotes bacteria growth. Other fabrics will not and are ideal for general health.
If you can find shorts or pants with built-in liners, wear these without underwear. You won't get the full benefits of the fabrics unless you wear them commando.

3. Embrace the Sports Bra

Let's be honest ladies, without the proper support, exercise can be an awkward and sometimes painful endeavor.
Avoid unnecessary stares from passing onlookers as you jog and the after workout soreness which can accompany. Purchase a bra designed to offer support and hold your breasts in place during exercise.

4. Throw on a Tank Top

Are you working out in an environment where it's inappropriate or you're uncomfortable wearing only a sports bra?
Throw on a tank top!
Be sure to test it before you wear it out in public. It may seem harmless in your mirror, but it may expose parts you didn't intend to in action. Be sure you're wearing a sports bra that fits properly, and a tank top which covers everything else you want to be covered.

5. Yoga Pants: A Women's Fitness Clothing Must

Ah, the ever controversial yoga pants! Wherever you land on the debate, you have to agree they are extremely comfortable and great for exercising in. Not only that, but they come in multiple varieties and can offer the type of posterior support you need for whatever exercise you find yourself doing.
Not only that, but they come in multiple varieties and can offer the type of posterior support you need for whatever exercise you find yourself doing.

6. Keep the Fashion Police at a Distance with Color Coordination

Fashion is the last thing on your mind when you're exercising, but why not put in a little extra effort? You never know who could be watching.
Try color coordinating to really make your outfit pop. Here are some classic color combos which work:
  • Grey and Black
  • Grey and Neon
  • Black and White with Red or Orange Sneakers
  • Pink and Grey
  • Black and Orange
  • All Grey

7. Safety First!

Wherever you find yourself exercising, be safety conscious.
Avoid baggy clothing which can get caught in the varying machines.
Are you exercising outside? Purchase clothing and shoes with reflective fabric, and choose brighter colored fabric to be sure you're visible to passing traffic.

Comfort is Key

Ultimately, the point of women's fitness clothing is to help you be as comfortable as possible while you're performing a strenuous activity. Try different things, and find out what you feel comfortable in and wear it.
In need of an upgrade? Take a look at some high-quality clothing and get going on those fitness goals today.
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