10 Women's Fitness Apparel Trends You Should Know About

10 Women's Fitness Apparel Trends You Should Know About

Did you know over 80% of adults don't meet the recommendations for a healthy balance of aerobic and anaerobic exercise?
This means well over half of all people aren't receiving the benefits from consistent regular movement and muscle-strengthening activities.
But this statistic surely doesn't apply to you. You're best friends with the gym and no stranger to the dumbbell. And you always look good doing it.
Let's take a look at ten womens fitness apparel trends you should know about.

Womens Fitness Apparel Trends

1. Fitness Trackers And Pedometers

Today's womens fitness apparel wouldn't be complete without the ever-popular fitness tracker.
Wearable technology that tracks your steps, heart rate, temperature and other fitness criteria are beyond fashionable right now. Some of these criteria include:
  • Calorie consumption
  • Distance run
  • Quality of sleep
The Fitbit is just one of many fitness trackers flying off the shelves in 2017.
These fitness trackers help the active person know exactly how their body is responding to various types of exercise and where they may need to push a little harder.
These devices keep the person in touch with their body's needs and limits throughout their workout.

2. Futuristic Tech Printed Pants

We all know leggings are at the top of the fashion food chain for 2017.
But did you know vogue leggings with the futuristic tech prints are super hot right now too? The funky computerized and digitally printed materials are technology influenced and fun to wear.
The blending of dark and bold hues against a plain background makes these prints a fashion trend in womens fitness apparel that likely won't fade away anytime soon.

3. Bold Cuts

Fitness apparel is morphing into style with exclusive and state-of-the-art cuts to clothing and ingenious outfit creations.
From the novel styles in collars to the unique sleeve designs to huge hooded jackets and tees, this genre of workout apparel is opening the way for creative developments and trends down the road.
If you're one to shy away from the bold and daring, take a chance and step out of your comfort zone. You may just realize you really like it.

4. Smarty Pants- Sweatpants That Is

Womens fitness apparel trends now include a creative twist on the previously simple and unassuming sweatpants.
The jagged blocks of color and daring lines allow for an outfit worthy of both the gym and a night out for cocktails. These sweatpants come in a wide range of colors, patterns and cut styles.
They're not only stylish but also comfortable and fun to wear.

5. High Neck Sports Bras

Some of the many fitness influencers boast these bosom beauties. The high neck sports bra is ideal for those with flat abs they wish to share with the world, as well as those desiring more support for their workout.
Also known as the hooded sports bra, this piece of women's fitness apparel is reminiscent of crop tops or tank tops.
For added comfort and support for your gym visit, you should totally check out the high neck sports bra.

6. Poly-Dri Technology

This women's fitness apparel technology is perfect for a girl who enjoys joining her friends for drinks after a full workout at the gym.
Poly-Dri fabrics use specialized knit microfiber technology that pulls perspiration away from your skin to the surface where it can rapidly evaporate. This leaves you feeling dry and confident.
How much you sweat depends on a number of factors including:
  • Your sex
  • Level of physical activity
  • Genetics
  • Body size
  • Allocation of sweat glands
  • Adjustment to the environmental temperature
If you're the type to meet your friends after a hard workout, this is the fashion trend you won't want to miss.

7. Eclectic, Busy, Yet Simple Jungle Prints

These unique designs are all the rage right now in women's fitness apparel. They can energize and inspire you as you work your body to the core.
The bold jungle prints often enlist the skill of only a single colored emphasis, yet convey a high-end fashion trend. It's best to pair these jungle print styles with a plain colored clothing partner.
In addition to being a fashion "yes," jungle prints are fearless and just plain fun.

8. Ankle Socks With Low Top Laced Shoes

This fashion trend has been around for a while. When you're donning your stylish leggings and Racerback top, you'll also want to show off your ankle socks with sturdy dependable footwear.
Proper arch support is important with any footwear you choose. Be sure your foot feels snug and secure in your new pair of low top lace-up shoes.
If your shoes aren't well designed to withstand the physically active life you lead, you'll feel it in more than just your feet. Your shins, thighs and even your buttocks may feel the strain of cheap or poorly made shoes.
Don't skimp on the footwear. Protect your feet with stylish low top athletic shoes that breathe along with you.

9. Unitards and Leotards

These two classic styles in women's fitness apparel are fashionably responsible in Yoga circles, as well as mindful activities.


Unitards are most popular with the newest Yoga variations and combinations.
Choose a unitard if you're engaging in Yoga and Hip Hop, Yoga and boxing or any of the other Yoga fusions out there.


Leotards are great for slower, more internal, activities.
Whether you're stretching, going on a nature hike or joining a meditation group, the fashionable leotard could serve you well.

10. Racerbacks/Tank Tops With Built-In Bras

The newest trends in Racerbacks and tank tops are the built-in bras available in many styles. This allows you to move freely and confidently while maintaining the support you need.

The Very Best in Womens Fitness Apparel

You know the value of gaining the benefits from both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. You keep up with your strength training and you enjoy your stair stepping. And you also want to look your best while you're doing it.
If you're in the market to find the best in women's fitness apparel, check us out at Monsta Clothing Company.
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