How Your Gym Clothes Improve Your Physical Wellness

How Your Gym Clothes Improve Your Physical Wellness

Have you ever purchased new clothes and felt better overall? Purchasing new gym clothes can actually enhance and motivate individuals to seek after improving their physical wellness.
Let's talk about what happens mentally when you purchase new clothing and how it works to motivate you.

Clothing is Linked To Physical Wellness

"Enclothed cognition" is the term used by researchers to describe what happens to our mental state when wearing certain items of clothing. There are links between how we dress and how we act. Clothing directly affects our choices.
Researchers have discovered that our brain correlates outfits or particular clothing items with the symbolic meaning of that article of clothing.
You've most likely heard the phrase "dress for the job you want, not for the job you have." This is based on the idea that clothing changes the way a person interacts.
All of this applies to activewear as well. The theory is that if you wear activewear, you're much more likely to improve your physical wellness. Is this theory true?

The Age of Athletic Wear

We know that wearing activewear makes you more active, but is it always true?
Next time you're out at the grocery store, walking down the street, at the pharmacy, take a look around. It's guaranteed that you'll see people in yoga or athletic pants.
It's become commonplace to wear comfortable athletic wear out in public, not just when working out. A few years ago, most people were saying "leggings aren't pants," but fitness wear companies have transformed athletic wear into leisure wear, making them appropriate for outside.
Wearing athletic wear to workout classes helps you improve your physical wellness and allows others to see you differently. Wearing the part makes those around you think that you're really good at what you're doing - be it yoga, weightlifting, running, or something else.
When you get a boost in confidence, it helps you feel better about yourself, raises self-esteem, and allows you to have a positive morale. Looking good at the gym is not a new train of thought.
Back in the 80's, you'd see neon and lycra bodysuits, leggings, and leg warmers. That's what was in style then and everybody was wearing it. Feeling like you're a part of the group and can keep up is important.

Athleisure Clothing

Today, athletic wear is not just made for function in the gym, it's made for comfort outside of the gym. It's trendy to wear your gym clothes out when you're finished in the gym or a yoga class. Physical wellness is not just about what you're doing in class anymore, it's also about how you look.
The fitness fashion industry works hard to show you, you can feel good while working out, instead of feeling sweaty in a large, oversized t-shirt. Not only can you do that, you can disguise and wear your leggings to your workplace and incorporate them into your lifestyle.
Enclothed cognition helps boost your motivation, but it doesn't replace it. Purchasing new pants in hopes it will motivate you to get to the gym won't work. You have to first be motivated, and in the process, after you've taken action, purchase the clothes. They help boost your action once it's started.
It's quite backward than what you would think. Purchasing clothes in the beginning of your physical wellness journey where you hope to lose weight is counterintuitive. Purchasing the clothes once you've lost the weight makes more sense.
However, it's the idea of enclothed cognition that keeps people returning back to purchasing clothes and those clothes having a direct correlation with how they feel. It's 3 PM on a Friday and you're debating whether or not to go to the gym. You're already wearing your workout clothes.
You decide you're going to go. The deciding factor? Not having to go home and change into your gym clothes. Having this motivator is a positive one that could help in situations like this.

How Does Performance Wear Help?

What other ways does athletic wear help to improve physical wellness? There are many other benefits to purchasing new clothes.

Performance Improvement

Performance wear doesn't just have mental and psychological benefits. It can actually help to improve your performance. For example, if you've been running for a while and keep finding yourself to have shin splints or tight calves, it may be due to an issue with your shoes.
You go and purchase new shoes designed specifically for your foot and on your next run, your shin splints are gone and your calves are no longer cramping. Purchasing these new shoes directly affected your performance and how well your run went. They could help you shave minutes off your mile, finish stronger, or go farther.

Intimidation Boost

Did you know that wearing black helps up the intimidation factor?
Sports teams that have an all-black uniform are proven to perform in a more aggressive nature than those without black.
The color red is also known to have a positive effect on how sports team perform, making them more aggressive and focused.

Offer Protection

Another benefit of purchasing clothes for your physical wellness is that they provide protection for your body. You're going to want different clothing based on the region you live in and the activity you partake in. If you live in a warm climate, you'll want dry-fit material that is breathable.
If you live in a cooler climate, you'll warm fabric that is insulated to keep you warm. If you play a contact sport, wearing a heavy padded shirt or pants will help to protect your skin from bruising.

Try It Out

As you can see, getting a new wardrobe has many benefits for your physical and mental state when partaking in sports and activities.
There are lines of clothing for almost every sport out there, each providing their own benefit. Interested in weightlifting or bodybuilding? Check out our top tier clothing items today.
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