Are Fitness Wearables Worth It?

Are Fitness Wearables Worth It?

The True Value of Fitness Wearable Technology

You probably own a wearable fitness device or perhaps you know someone who owns one. Apart from being informative, these gadgets also make working out fun and can come in handy in helping you track your calories to ascertain the effectiveness of your exercise regimen. However, the weight-loss industry is consistently jam-packed with the latest miracle cures that promise to fast track loosing those extra ponds.
This is why many people can't help but wonder whether wearable fitness technology products are just fads that will falter to give way to better versions. Although these wearable devices are the current hottest health trends, there is a great likelihood that they may quickly become redundant.
Here is a brief but detailed outline of a few reasons why fitness technology devices are not a worthwhile investment.

Technological revolution is fast, wearable fitness technology products are likely to improve dramatically I a short while and morph into a more superior, efficient and useful product

There is a great likelihood that you will regret investing heavily on these devices because as technology improves, these products will become cheap very quickly. What you buy now for close to $100 may be less than half the price in just less than a year. The bottom-line? Just as the advent of Smartphones rendered MP3 players obsolete, there is a real possibility that fitness apps and smart watches will end the reign of wearable fitness technology products. The latest Smartphone apps are just as efficient and accurate as efficient and accurate as popular wearable fitness devices.

According to a recent study published by the journal of The American Medical Association, a performance analysis between selected Smartphone apps and a few fitness devices from top sellers in the United States ascertained that the accuracy levels are about the same. For the average consumer who simply wants to know whether their work-out routine is productive, any of these two options are ideal. Sensibly speaking, why spend hundreds of dollars buying wearable fitness technology devices while you can easily and affordably download an app, install it and still get the job done!

If you are still interested in buying these devices then it is advisable to shop smart

If you need the device immediately then it is understandable to invest in one now. After all, numerous researchers have unequivocally proven that these fitness gadgets help fuel your motivation to adhere to a weight-loss routine. If you can afford it ad it can help you then it may be a worthwhile investment after all. Considering they are still expensive, your best bet is research, set a budget and buy a quality product that is at best cost-effective. The last thing you want is to spend over $200 on a product that falls short.

Are Wearable Fitness Technology Products here to stay?

The answer to this question completely depends on whether you are a supplier or a consumer. From a suppliers perspective; the introduction of better and more improved alternatives could well drive down profit margins largely because of increased competition. However, from the buyers perspective, the better the products the easier it will be to find a great product at an affordable price.
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